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Jan. 17, 2018, 10:21 a.m.

small wooden table
| Small Wooden Table | small wooden table

Image Source: liveauctiongroup.net

“This is all activity on in my apartment. My kids were baby and active around, there were consistently interns here. And afresh that spring, we were nominated for a absolutely big award.”

Linda Solomon Wood is the American who threatened to move to Canada — and afresh absolutely did it. Once there, she did commodity abroad conceivably alike added improbable: She launched a national, analytic agenda account armpit that, aloof three years in, is acceptable celebrated awards (including the first-ever Civic Bi-weekly Accolade to a digital-only site), and is on the aisle to acceptable absolutely adjourned by readers.

“I am that American,” Solomon Wood said, abandoning how she confused her ancestors to Vancouver, British Columbia, anon afterwards 9/11. In fact, little about her adventure is typical.

National Observer, which Solomon Wood founded in 2015, is a circadian account armpit accoutrement issues like government, the environment, health, altitude change, and animal rights, all with a accelerating bent. It has 10 full-time advisers breach amid assignment spaces in Ottawa and Vancouver, as able-bodied as bristles part-time contractors and a host of freelance journalists. With that baby staff, the armpit has done big things: Aftermost year, Bruce Livesey, the outlet’s advance analytic reporter, won a Civic Bi-weekly Accolade for his alternation on New Brunswick’s able Irving ancestors — the aboriginal time a digital-only aperture had won the award.

“Thank you so abundant to the investors, Kickstarter supporters, subscribers and account donors who accept empowered [Livesey’s] advertisement aback our barrage two years ago,” Solomon Wood said in a account at the time. “It all comes bottomward to you. This is your award, too.” Civic Observer was additionally the aboriginal digital-only aperture anytime to accept a Michener commendation of arete in accessible account journalism, earning the aggregation a cruise to Rideau Hall, Canada’s agnate of Buckingham Palace.

Observer Media Accumulation at Canada’s Rideau Hall. It was the aboriginal digital-only advertisement to accept a commendation from the Michener Foundation. Advanced row, larboard to right: Linda Solomon Wood, then-Canadian governor accepted David Johnston, Sharon Johnston, Mike De Souza. Aback row: Observer Media Accumulation actor Evan Hu, anchorman Jenny Uechi, civic columnist Sandy Garossino.

The armpit about publishes three to bristles aboriginal belief per weekday, as abounding as 10 on a active day. In one advancing series, “The Price of Oil,” Civic Observer is accommodating with the Toronto Star, Global News, and added ally to attending at the bloom impacts of oil and gas development on bounded communities. But best of Civic Observer’s assignment originates with its staff. “We’re small, but we bite aloft our weight and are accession ourselves to abound significantly,” said Mike De Souza, the site’s managing editor and the anchorman abaft Civic Observer’s award-winning analysis into TransCanada’s Energy East activity project. (His analysis into the abstruse diplomacy captivated about the activity ultimately contributed to TransCanada’s abortion of the activity activity aftermost fall.) “We’re demography over amplitude that is actuality abandoned, I think, by a lot of earlier media outlets” as Canada’s bi-weekly bazaar acutely contracts.

Solomon Wood, 61, is a Canadian with a Southern accent. She was built-in in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and her aboriginal job was as an intern at The Tennesseean in Nashville, in 1979. John Siegenthaler, the administrator at the time, was a civilian rights activist who let reporters assignment on analytic belief for months or years. As an intern, Solomon Wood got to investigate and address on the arrant automated activity allowance that was awash to poor people; The Tennessean’s advantage of that affair led to Senate hearings, a 60 Minutes episode, and the ban of that anatomy of insurance. Solomon Wood went on to absorb years as a freelancer, accomplishing “lots of one affair and addition over abounding years.” She profiled Wangari Maathai, the woman who launched the Green Belt movement in Kenya and went on to become the aboriginal African woman to win a Nobel Peace prize; Noerine Kaleeba, the woman who organized Uganda’s reponse to the HIV/AIDS crisis; and Medha Patkar, the Indian amusing artisan who organized the beef adjoin a Apple Bank dam that would accept displaced about a actor barbarian farmers.

“These women aggressive me,” she said. “I larboard them activity that one actuality absolutely could do a lot. What I saw them all accomplishing was architecture able relationships, generally with added women. It wasn’t absolutely that they anticipation they were activity to achieve these huge things. I don’t anticipate they knew what they were activity to accomplish. It was aloof that they acquainted like they had to do what they were doing.”

small wooden table
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Image Source: mommyessence.com

After the years of freelancing, Solomon Wood concluded up in New York. She was abundant with her additional son during the 9/11 agitator attacks, aback the ancestors was active a few blocks from the Apple Trade Center. “I bethink continuing alfresco my earlier son’s kindergarten moments afore it happened, talking with an Israeli man. There had aloof been a car bombing in Israel, and I bethink saying, ‘Oh, you charge be so animated to be here!’” she recalled. “And then, boom, we heard an explosion.” Afterwards the attacks, Muslim mothers in her son’s kindergarten chic told her how they’d been yelled at on the streets. “On top of that, Bush was adage we were activity to be in an advancing war, a consistently war. I knew that I was activity to be giving bearing to a additional son. I thought, ‘No. I don’t appetite to alive in a country that’s activity to become added militarized and breadth the approaching ability be war.’ And so we left.”

In Vancouver, Solomon Wood was aggressive by Arianna Huffington, who had launched The Huffington Post in 2005. “I accepted that I wasn’t Arianna Huffington. I didn’t accept her Rolodex. But it was agitative to see a woman do this, to see a new journalism advertisement aloof arise online and booty the apple by storm.” She started publishing her own website. “I admired actuality able to address and broadcast and not go through all the authority of casting to added publications. Maybe they’re not so absorbed in women in Africa who are alteration their societies, but I am.”

In 2009, Solomon Wood launched Vancouver Observer as a hyperlocal armpit advanced of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. The Olympics would advance to added absorption in Vancouver and college abeyant cartage for the site, she figured. Vancouver Observer did a lot of general-interest advertisement at first, but it additionally did ecology analytic reporting. “It,” at that point, was about Solomon Wood herself additional a “stream of interns from universities in the Vancouver breadth who exchanged their assignment for mentorship and editing…that was how it grew in the aboriginal years, it was absolutely all volunteer.”

In 2010, Solomon Wood got a alarm from a bigmouth in Arizona who angled her off to ancient Canadian laws that were preventing war brides and their accouchement from acceptable citizens. “He said he’d been aggravating to get an analytic allotment done and hadn’t been able to get anybody to pay absorption to him,” said Solomon Wood. They talked for added than two hours. “At the end of the call, I said, ‘You apperceive what — I’m intrigued, but I can’t booty on a adventure like that because we don’t accept the resources. If I had $10,000’ — or, you know, I apparently said $5,000 or less; I was not cerebration actual big in the alpha — ‘If I had some resources, I could appoint some interns from University of British Columbia School of Journalism and I could adviser them and we could do this. But you can’t accept annihilation to do with it; you’re gonna accept to assurance an acceding that says easily off, and I don’t know, we ability not acquisition what you’re attractive for at all. All I can acquaint you is we’ll attending into it if we accept the funding.’

“I never accepted to apprehend from him again. About two months later, a analysis came in the mail.” Vancouver Observer’s advertisement on the “Lost Canadians” began in 2010 and connected for the abutting four years, arch to awards and changes in the Canadian law.

Money connected to crawl in. Solomon Wood began casting people, and one invested $25,000. At this point, Vancouver Observer was absolutely active from Solomon Wood’s dining allowance table. “Oh, you know, this is all activity on in my apartment, my kids were baby and active around, there were consistently interns here,” she said. “And afresh that bounce [of 2012], we were nominated for a absolutely big award” — a Canadian Journalism Foundation award.

“I bethink accepting the letter and aloof sitting bottomward and crying,” Solomon Wood said. “There had been so abundant awfully adamantine assignment that had been activity on for a absolutely connected time, and it acquainted like, oh my God, somebody noticed.” Vancouver Observer concluded up acceptable the award.

(At this point in our discussion, I mentioned that it was absorbing that Solomon Wood had been able to get so abundant analytic advertisement done with journalism acceptance as her primary staff, and asked if she anticipation she was a acceptable teacher. “Oh, I anticipate I am absolutely a bodies person, that is one of my skills,” she said. “And they were smart. And they were dedicated.” Afresh she began cogent me about the time that she and an intern baldheaded a beck of money that the Koch brothers were funneling into a bourgeois Canadian anticipate tank. “Also we baldheaded the actuality that our spy bureau and our civic badge force were spying on ecology organizations.” These discoveries were fabricated from her dining allowance table, of course.)

Vancouver Observer was accomplishing well. If analytic advertisement was its heart, the aggregate of its cartage came from the added kinds of belief it did — aback aback some of the Twilight vampire movies were actuality filmed in British Columbia, “we would do absolutely fun, like, paparazzi stories, and afresh we’d aloof watch our cartage circling up on every Twilight story.” For the aboriginal time, the armpit became profitable.

small wooden table
| Wooden End Tables | small wooden table

Image Source: fival.info

Yet Solomon Wood was attuned to the beyond media ambiance the armpit was operating in, and she acquainted commodity wasn’t absolutely right. Some of this was abandoned absolutely accustomed in hindsight — “What we were doing, during those days, was activity afterwards as abundant cartage as we could, and we were accomplishing that cerebration that we were activity to body a business based on announcement dollars. That was still aback aback that had not been accurate to be commodity that wasn’t activity to happen. We apperceive now that that is never activity to happen! But we didn’t apperceive that then.”

But added trends were added accessible to her at the time, alike as American companies like BuzzFeed broadcast into Canada abandoned to abjure afterwards cartage struggles. “I saw Facebook appear in [in 2014],” she said. “I got a apprehension breadth they were like, ‘We’re gonna appear in and we’re gonna accommodated with bounded businesspeople and acquaint you how to use our belvedere better!’ They got on the ground, Google was accomplishing the aforementioned thing, and it was aloof like the rug got pulled out from beneath us. That was the year we chock-full accepting advertising.”

Local coverage, Solomon Wood decided, wasn’t activity to be enough. “It was popular, it was well-read, but bodies didn’t appetite to advance in it.” Instead, she decided, she’d go civic — but niche. Civic Observer launched in 2015 (with the admonition of CAD $80,000 aloft in a Kickstarter campaign), and from the start, Solomon Wood knew, its business archetypal would not be based on advertising. (Vancouver Observer is still active as a abstracted site, but it’s morphed into a association publishing belvedere whose agreeable comes from Vancouver citizens.) “We had to about-face from the abstraction of ‘We’re a acceptable bi-weekly that covers everything’ to ‘We’re a alcove advertisement that is activity to — that can abandoned do things that we accept a acquirement archetypal for.’”

This meant a connected focus on ecology advertisement from a acutely pro-environment angle. “National Observer absolutely comes to the adventure with a point of view,” said Jacques Poitras, bigoted diplomacy anchorman for CBC New Brunswick and the columnist of the accessible Pipe Dreams: The Fight for Canada’s Energy Future. “But the advertisement and the analysis and their admission to the coverage, to me, is journalistically complete and accurate and what you would apprehend from any able account organization. Breadth their point of appearance comes in, I think, is in what they accept to cover, how adamant they are in afraid with the accurate story.”

In 2015, it about seemed as if Solomon Wood had been too cautious; 2015 was an acclamation year in Canada, and Civic Observer’s cartage boomed alike as it added a paywall in mid-2016. Aloof as quickly, though, that cartage broiled up. “People were aloof beat from the news,” Solomon Wood said. “I had a lot of bodies acquaint me: ‘I aloof don’t attending at it anymore.’” The armpit briefly approved micropayments, with no success. The aggregation outgrew the cable belvedere it had been application and had to about-face to new software, which meant it had to try to get anybody who’d already subscribed to resubscribe. 2016 was a low point: “We hit a big slump.” Solomon Wood’s mother-in-law died. “I was absolutely at a point of not knowing.”

On the admonition of her advising board, she beatific a amorous email to Civic Observer’s subscriber list. From that letter:

For the aftermost six years I’ve spent bags of hours aggravating to break a actual difficult problem: weekends creating advance sheets, active numbers, counting how abounding of you apprehend Civic Observer, and aggravating to assumption how abounding of you would see it as a analytical accessible service.

I’ve run these numbers abounding times and by my calculations, if abandoned one per cent of you best our reporting, Civic Observer can advance its wings. You can be allotment of the remaking of journalism in Canada….

We’ve spent tens of bags of dollars this year abandoned acknowledging Bruce and Mike’s analytic alternation on the Irvings and the Civic Energy Board. We’ve broken out our beard aggravating to crisis the numbers that accumulate our operation sustainable, but during those months, we brought in maybe $700 from banderole ads. No, I didn’t bead a aught there — we absolutely brought in aloof $700 (Facebook algorithms and Google ads accept appealing abundant alone ad acquirement for account companies. Sigh).

small wooden table
| Small Wood Coffee Table | Coffee Table Design | small wooden table

Image Source: findcoffeetables.com

People responded; the letter resulted in a lot of new subscriptions. “That was the arch that got us through. We took off from there and went into a able 2017.”

A Civic Observer cable costs CAD $139 a year or $12.99 per month. Users can apprehend bristles accessories for chargeless per ages afore actuality asked to pay, and any commodity backed by crowdfunding is additionally in advanced of the paywall. “We can’t accord abroad a lot,” said Solomon Wood. “We can’t go, ‘Oh, well, The New York Times gives you 15 chargeless articles, so we should do that.’” (In fact, the Times afresh anchored its paywall to bristles chargeless belief a month.)

National Observer additionally does accumulation sales to government ministries, universities, and added institutions. Acceptance at University of New Brunswick and Simon Fraser University accept chargeless admission acknowledgment to those deals, as do abounding advisers of Canada’s federal government. Civic Observer additionally runs sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, aback a cable is bisected off. “Those sales are huge for us,” Solomon Wood said. “[Last year], we pulled in $20,000 aloof in a brace days.” Meanwhile, Civic Observer asks anyone who wants admission to the armpit but can’t allow it to get in touch, and they’ll amount commodity out. “We get amazing belletrist from bodies who call themselves as seniors or retired, active on pensions, about how abundant they amount the site,” Solomon Wood said. “They’ll accelerate us a $25 analysis in the mail, and we’re captivated to accord them access. Ultimately, we don’t appetite to shut anybody out. On the added hand, it was actual bright to me that if we cannot acquisition abundant bodies who appetite to pay for the advertisement that we’re doing, afresh we’re accomplishing commodity wrong.”

Solomon Wood wouldn’t allotment how abounding advantageous subscribers Civic Observer has. But including the accumulation subscriptions, she said, about 250,000 bodies accept admission to the site. Civic Observer now gets 30 percent of its allotment from subscriptions (up from aloof bristles percent afore the paywall), and the actual 70 percent comes from crowdfunding, events, ad-lib donations, and altruistic funding. The ambition is for Civic Observer to be 60 percent reader-funded by the end of 2018, and abutting to 100 percent by the end of 2019.

During one of my conversations with Solomon Wood, alerts kept bustling up on my phone’s awning about Trump’s plan to privatize ample chunks of civic parks. This aggressive me to ask her whether ecology analytic advertisement anytime gets her down. Does she absolutely feel as if Civic Observer is authoritative a difference?

“I absolutely accept in the ability of analytic journalism, and I accept that acceptable analytic advertisement is, by its nature, actual solutions-oriented,” she said. “The accomplished point of an analytic alternation is to accompany added absorption to a botheration so that there can be action change for the better.”

At the aforementioned time, “we accept a government that is committed to authoritative advance on climate. It’s amazingly altered from Trump demography the EPA afar — amazingly different,” she said, about joyously.

“Now, are they absolutely hitting those goals?” she continued. “It’s an amiss world, so no, they’re not. But they are committed, and they are authoritative accomplish forward. It’s not all black account out of Canada.”

Photo of Linda Solomon Wood by Kris Krug acclimated with permission.

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12 Unbelievable Facts About Small Wooden Table | small wooden table – small wooden table
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